You can now listen to your favorite Podcasts on Pandora!

Podcasts are now officially available on Pandora for all listeners as of today. The company announced the arrival in a blog post, saying it has hundreds of podcasts with over 100,000 episodes across genres like true crime, technology, music, and more.

Now in the Pandora app, there will be a new tab called “Recommended Podcasts For You,” and users can discover new podcasts throughout the app. For now, it looks like Pandora is launching with fan favorites like This American Life and Reply All, but anyone with a podcast who wants to be considered for inclusion can apply via a form that Pandora has supplied.

Pandora says it’s spent the last year working on its Podcast Genome Project in order to serve up personal recommendations for listeners, taking into account things like category as well as user interactions like thumbs, skips, collects, and plays. The Podcast Genome Project was announced earlier this year, and the company claims that it is sophisticated enough to identify a podcast’s topics on an individual episode level. This is, of course, an offshoot of Pandora’s Music Genome Project, which uses over 450 attributes to describe songs, along with complex algorithms to categorize and then suggest them to users.

The following is an excerpt from the Pandora Blog explaining more about the new feature!

Effortless Podcast Discovery:
The key goal for our podcast launch was to solve the user question of “What podcast should I listen to?” We’ve spent the last year working on our Podcast Genome Project to effortlessly serve up highly personalized podcast recommendations that are completely unique to your tastes.

Discovery Powered by the Podcast Genome Project:
Similar to how its namesake the Music Genome Project helped Pandora become the best and easiest way to discover music online since 2005, the Podcast Genome Project will recommend the right podcasts to you at the right time. It evaluates content based on a variety of attributes spanning content categories, as well as your signals including thumbs, skips, collects, and plays. Our system learns your preferences using natural language processing, collaborative filtering, and other machine learning approaches. And, similar to the Music Genome Project, the Podcast Genome Project combines these techniques with the expertise of our in-house Curation team to offer personalized recommendations down to the episode level that reflect who you are today and evolve with you tomorrow.

To make podcast discovery as effortless as possible, we’re serving up recommendations in search, browse, and podcast backstage pages. Look through the app and you’ll see new podcasts and episodes everywhere.

The Power of Thumbs:
Pandora is personalized. We pioneered personalizing your music listening experience with over 90 billion thumbs… and we’ve now extended it to podcasts. Thumb up podcast episodes you love, and we’ll recommend more podcasts like it! Thumb down episodes you don’t like, and we’ll tune our recommendations accordingly.

For Podcasters – Getting your Podcasts on Pandora:
If you run a podcast network, or own and host a podcast yourself, you can fill out this form for consideration to be published. Podcast submissions are reviewed and approved individually, so please allow time to hear back and do not submit the same podcast twice. When your podcast is approved, you will receive notification from our Content Partnerships team with the next steps. Once your podcast feed has been onboarded, subsequent episodes we receive will be automatically added to Pandora.

– From the Pandora #PodSquad

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