Why YOU Should Build Your Own PC!!


  1. BUILT FOR YOU – Custom built computers allow you an opportunity to design your computer according to your own specifications, wants and needs. 
  1. KNOW WHAT YOUR GETTING – Another benefit of custom built computer is that you know exactly what is there in your machine 
  1. BETTER WARRANTY – Most parts have a 3 year warranty vs. a branded 1 year warranty. 
  1. EXPANDABLE, REPAIRABLE, UNIVERSAL, UPGRADABLE – Custom built computers can save you lots of money in the long run due to their flexibility. 
  1. PERFORMANCE & RELIABILITY – Reputable system builders test the computer extensively. 
  1. BUILD IT YOURSELF – Computers Plus offers training classes on building your own computer. 
  1. BUILD AS YOU CAN AFFORD – You can upgrade, add, enhance components as money permits. Birthdays, Christmas, new games, etc. 
  1. SAVES MONEY – The biggest benefit of custom built computer is that you can save money on each of its components.  




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