Tech Support Scams Using Multiple Obfuscation Methods to Bypass Detection and Steal Your Money!

At one point while browsing the web you have probably run into a web site like the one below that pretends to be Microsoft or Google stating that something is wrong with your computer and telling you to call a listed phone number for help. While most antivirus software will detect these types of tech support scams (TSS), new tactics are being used by their creators to make them more difficult to detect.

When disguising their code, TSS scammers will typically focus on one method. For example, they may roll their own disguising software or utilize AES encryption to decrypt the detection script on the fly. In a new report by Symantec, security researcher Siddhesh Chandrayan explains how tech support scams are evolving the way they disguise their scripts by now using multiple methods of obfuscation in order to make them harder to detect by security software.

The bets ways to stay safe while browsing are to keep an updated anti-virus or internet security program running on your machine at all times,

and simply do not visit any unknown website or click any suspicious links.

If you have fallen victim to these scams, be sure to contact your bank immediately and get your computer checked up for any left behind malware or viruses!



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