On-Site Repairs

Computers Plus employee on-site repairs vs. employee contractor repair.

On-site repairs completed during the scheduled 9 to 5 business hours are considered employee on-site repairs.  Employees have use and access to company vehicles, gas, insurance when completing repairs during scheduled 9 to 5 shifts.  Likewise employees completing on-site work during 9 to 5 are paid their standard hourly pay and not contractor pay.  If the employee decides to complete on-site repairs outside of department business hours than they are considered contractors for Computers Plus and will recieve contractor pay, however, will not enjoy use of any company assets or gas or are elgible for milage reimbursement.

Can any employee use the company vehicles?

No. In order to use company vehicles you must first be approved to drive the company vehicle, have signed the vehicle usage agreement and be approved by Computers Plus insurance.  At anytime vehicle rights can be revoked.  Company vehicle usage is not allowed outside of employee normal shifts, example, personal use or during contractor work.

What is the contractor pay rate for work completed outside 9 to 5 comapny time?

Contractor pay is $40 per hour billed and $80 flat rate per residential flat rate onsite repair completed.

Is there any bonus pay for onsite work completed during company time?

Yes! Employees will receive 2 UGGS for every hour billed, 2 UGGS for every flat rate $99 on-site and 4 UGGS for every $199 flat rate on-site billed.

What are our current Computers Plus onsite rates that we charge?

Residential (home) is flat rate $199 for up to 3 hours onsite

Commercial (business) flat rate $199 for up to 3 hours onsite

Commercial (business) is $99 per hour

*Flat rate is designed for basic installation (i.e. new computer, printer or home router install), software repair or install, and troubleshooting.  Selling flat rate for internal hardware installation, virus scans, data backups, in depth troubleshooting is not allowed.

*All residential and business not approved for terms have to be paid before the tech leaves to the job.

Is there a limit to the type of on-site user or repairs completed?

Employees are elgible to complete residential as well as small business onsite work as long as the tech has the capibility to complete the work requested.

How are the onsite repairs scheduled?

Onsite repairs are scheduled through RepairShopr just like a convential repair and scheduled on the techs calendar as normal after the tech has approved the onsite.

Do we dedicate techs to specific customer accounts?

The only customer accounts that we try to assign a lead tech to are business accounts.  This will be indicated in the customer attention drop down box.  Home accounts are first come first serve (providing techs capibilty to perform work).

How are on-sites billed?

ALL residential onsite work MUST be billed and collected before we leave to complete the onsite.  The tech should check to make sure we have collected before he leaves.  Business’s can complete an application for NET 30 terms (30 days to pay).  Some business dont quality.  You will know if the client has terms becuase they will be indicated in RepairShopr’s ATTENTION drop down box.  If there are not any terms listed in the ATTENTION drop down we can email them to set terms up or collect a credit card upfront.  Terms take 24 to 72 hours to complete.  A link for our account terms setup pages is…

Commercial Credit Application

*IMPORTANT – techs must notify coordinators on the number of hours and how much to billed in order for the invoice to be created and the ticket to be closed.

Flat-Rate On-Site Support

What is flat rate in-home support?
Flat rate support is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a flat rate charge for us to come in your home and repair a computer or peripheral problem or to offer support to other tech appliances such as routers, wifi, printers, smart televisions, etc.  We charge one flat rate of $199 for up to 3 hours of on-site support.

Is there a limit on where we will travel to perform a flat rate repair?

Yes, the current limited on the area that we will perform flat rate services is as follows;
Local Area $199    8-mile radius    Red Bank Rd to HWY 61, Boonville New Harmony Rd to Green Street Henderson
Extended   $299   16-mile radius   Owensboro, Robards, Boonville, Oakland City, Mt Carmel
Outside       N/A    Not available at this time

What SKU do I use to sell the flat rate repair?


What if they need more than 3 hours?

In the rare instance where a client needs more than 3 hours they can purchase 2 x FLAT rate repairs.

What if they only need an hour?

If they need just ask for an hour, ask them if they need anything else looks at or if they want the tech to show them how to do something.  We lose money when we do 1 hour at $100.  We must make this worth BOTH the customers and our time.

How do I schedule an in-home?

First in the POS, create or verify customer account details, create an invoice using sku FLATRATE and anything hardware needed, routers, printers, etc, take the credit card and then you are ready to schedule… BOOM.  The invoice must be paid up front them you will proceed with created a new ticket to schedule the tech.

How do I know the techs availability?

Super easy, scheduling an in-home tech is JUST LIKE scheduling an instore tech, check the calendar and any time that you see availability for the color BLACK then you can schedule it.  Be sure to block off 3 hours for in-home flat rate support, the default is 1 hour and this needs to be manually changed by you.

How do I notify the tech that something is scheduled?

You are a forward thinker… all you have to do is create a ticket and the tech will get an email AND text message, no further notification needed.

How do I process the ticket?

Just like you do an instore ticket.  Be sure to verify the address, report CLEAR and DETAILED work to do, read your notes to the customer and make sure its 100% correct.  If the tech has to make a second trip because you forgot a “to do” there is going to be a lotta people upset.  Be sure you schedule the tech JOHN NOBLE, book the appointment for 3 hours, choose ONSITE for the CUSTOM FIELD, make this as pre-paid IF YOU TOOK PAYMENT.

Is payment required up front?

Yes, payment is required up front.

Create invoice then create the ticket?

Yes, payment is required upfront and payment must be completed before a tech is scheduled.

Do we offer all repair services in-home?

NO! In-homesupport services we offer our limited.
-We will not do a osri in home.
-We will not do a system build on site.
-We will not do data reconstruction in home.
-We will not do Tier 2 or 3 virus scans in home.
-We will not do a major hardware diagnosis in home.

If the tech gets in home and finds it’s a major issue, the Tech ask the customer if it’s OK, if they bring the computer back to the store to complete the repair and will re deliver it and we will go ahead and credit $99 of the flat rate fee towards the in-store repair.

What techs are eligible to provide flat rate support to clients?

If you want to be a technician that offers flatrate support you can do so by getting approved to the store. You must have a Gmail account and calendar dedicated for your availability.  You must keep your Gmail calendar up to date with your available times. Employees are permitted to do flat rate support outside of their normal scheduled hours.

100% payment is required up front before deployment?

Yes!!! Whether it’s a printer purchase and set up or new computer purchase and set up the transaction must be 100% complete and paid before the tech is deployed.  Customers cannot send money checks are cash back with the technician.  If you are selling the service and hardware be sure to review all cables search protectors and accessories needed to complete the repair. If you send a technician on site with the printer install and no USB cable the customer and technician is going to be very upset because of the delayed set up and second trips.

How do I know if there is hardware to be taken on site?

When you get an emailed ticket at the bottom of the ticket will notify if there are parts to be picked up, stated as Parts Pickup.  If this field is selected with “yes”. That means you must come by the store to pick up hardware to be deployed.  You must allow enough time to come by the store and pick up parts and still make it to the deployment on time.

What is the customer tries to give me a tip?

This is a good sign. This means the customer appreciated and enjoyed the work that you provided. The polite thing to do would be to let them know that they really don’t have to give you a tip but you greatly appreciate it and accept the tip.

Emergency Upgrades

Why are we promoting it?

We are promoting emergency service because we noticed some customers need their computer repaired ASAP. For a fee, emergency service allows service to begin the same day of check-in providing the check-in is before 3PM.  If emergency service is paid the computer will immediately go back on the bench to start repairs or diagnostics.

What is the different levels of turn around that we offer?

1. The standard turn-around for a walk-in client (care or non-care) is 1 to 3 business days from the scheduled date of repair.  Remember the scheduled date of repair may also be a few days out if we are in a busy season. This is considered a first available basis and is normal operation.

2. Client can pay to upgrade to emergency service which is same day start of repair. Emergency fees are $69 on top of standard repair charges.

Why are we offering 2 UGGS for this service?

It is very strenuous on the technician’s day when at 11 o’clock their day is thrown off and they have to cram another device in. We decided to offer 2 UGGS as a thank you for going above and beyond in getting the customer taking care of. It is only eligible for the bench technicians. This will be paid out on the techs paychecks for the period completed.

What if the customer demands same service just because they booked an appointment?

Our appointment system causing some confusion because sometimes we do not relay to the customer that the appointment is only a reservation for their computer services to begin that day, not immediately. It is not an appointment with the technician to immediately start repair services. You should tread lightly and explain to the customer. What services they are eligible for in if they would like to upgrade to emergency service there is an option for it.

Whatever we do, this new service we offer is not to breakdown customer service and form a wall with our customer just to rationalize why we can tell them “no”. Be sure to listen to the customers concerns and come up with a solution that best the scenario. We do not want to charge a emergency service fee only to get a bad review.

What if it’s an emergency service in the computer is non-repairable?

The customer would be charged the emergency fee as this is not for any repair services. In some cases, the technician and coordinator may feel it necessary to charge the customer a little bit more for advanced repairs. For example, if it is a data retrieval attempt. The customer will pay the emergency service fee as well as the $99 attempt fee.

Does the emergency fee include any repair work?

Absolutely NOT. All repairs will be charged in addition to the emergency fee and the charges for the repair itself. Remember, the emergency fee is the price that we charge so we stop what we are doing and immediately focus on their system. It does not include the repair charges. An example with this would be an emergency service that needs a tier 3 virus scan their total bill will be $299 for non-care machines and $50 for a care machine. Another example of this would be a system that requires a pram or cmos reset. There will be an emergency fee on top of a half hour repair fee totaling $150 for non-care machines.

Again, the Emergency Service Fee is a “stop what you’re doing, and only focus on me” charge.

How does this apply to tune-ups?

Bench technicians, we still want tune-ups to be in and out same day of the appointment when possible. I don’t want our service time turnarounds to create excuses as to why tune-ups linger in the store. If the standard tune-up does turn into a virus scan the coordinator should call the customer back and relay the additional repairs suggested and the repair time turn around on the additional repairs.

What if the computer is not done the same day?

The emergency service does not guarantee that the machine will be finished the same day, this only insures that the computer begins repairs that day. There will still be the corresponding charge for placing their machine in front of the repair line. If there is further work that must be completed this will fall under standard turn around. For example, if someone brings in a failing hard drive and wants expedited service same day, we can begin the work that day however, standard disaster recovery times can range from 2-5 days for recovery and this should then be relayed to the customer.